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  •  vetwife, I'm sorry this has happened to your (3+ / 0-)
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    family.  It is very difficult to witness this fall from grace from faith leaders you look up to and you must be feeling confused and possibly even betrayed right now.  Please, take the time to write personal letters to your pastor and to church leadership about this.  Write it all down, in detail, and make a written account of why you feel this is wrong, facts you are aware to rebut their assertions, and outline exactly what you intend to do about it (such as leave the church or whatever you have decided.)  Send the letter , with names/dates/and specific examples of the behavior and words exhibited to as many in church leadership as you need to to be heard.  If the response is not proactive or worse, if it is hostile, consider publishing letters to the editor in your local newspapers.
    I'm sorry you had to go through that and it must have been very hard to not come unglued from your seat.  

    •  No .. I am an quite used to being (0+ / 0-)

      disappointed.  I have never put faith in a person or church but saw it as a place of comfort.  I was upset but only for my daughter as she LOVES to be part of the church.   She is a very unique child....with a very old and compassionate soul.  She went to the same church for 5 years and it had changed the last year we were in Ga but down here in Florida it is getting really hard to fit.

      We the People have to make a difference and the Change.....Just do it ! Be part of helping us build a veteran community online. United Veterans of America

      by Vetwife on Mon Jan 28, 2013 at 09:04:19 AM PST

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