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  •  I understand the thought, but... (9+ / 0-)
    You can cook a nutritious meal at home with rice, pasta, beans, veggies, etc. for the same price as a Wendy's triple bacon cheeseburger meal.    But people choose not to.
    Look, I'm going to try not to be offensive here, because I know you mean well with this. But.

    Have you ever been in a two-income household where both people work 10 hour days and commute an hour each way to work? Even the average commute is nearly 30 minutes now, and the lower your income, the longer your commute on average. So, you work 10 hours (while getting paid for 8, of course) and drive two, and you get home totally exhausted, and take a shower and change clothes, and then... you want to spend an hour cooking? (And yes, yes, it doesn't take an hour to ... whatever. I cooked for myself for years and everything always took me a damned hour. Sometimes 45 minutes. Sometimes 80. But I could be sure that if it said 'preparation time: 20 minutes' that I was in for at least 40.)

    Now imagine that, but with kids too. If you're lucky, one of you gets up at 5 AM so he or she can get to work by 6:30, leave at 4:30, and get home at 5:30, and then... spend an hour cooking? Totally physically and mentally exhausted? And then eat, and then it's 7:30, and you've got an hour before you have to get ready for bed. And your wife/husband probably just got home. If you're lucky. I've known people whose schedules overlapped so that mom didn't get home until it was time for dad to go to bed, and intentionally so, because mom would see the kids off to school in the morning and then dad would get home as early as possible after school.

    And that's never mind the single parents. Especially the ones with two jobs.

    People don't make unhealthy choices because they're bad people, or because they're uneducated people. They make them because the alternatives look worse. If you've never been in that kind of situation, I don't recommend it. I have done it, relatively briefly, and I found that when I got home at 8 PM all I wanted to do was flop down in bed. Eat healthy? Fuck, I didn't even always eat at all. If I'd had kids, I would have had a hard time not stopping at the local pizza place one night a week, the local sub shop one night a week, the local Thai place one night a week... whatever was cheap. And easy.

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