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  •  Last November I was out in our chicken coop (12+ / 0-)

    and run with my handy dandy hand vac, cleaning up feathers from our chickens' fall molt, when I heard a telltale screech.

    Redtail hawk! I spotted it perched in a tree right next to our house. Whew. Glad I hadn't been free ranging our chickens this afternoon.

    I started to go inside to tell my daughter to come out and see the hawk and lost visual contact with it for a few moments. The next thing I realized, I thought I saw the hawk circling in the air right over our garage. Then I heard that screech again. No, the hawk I first spotted was still in the tree. We had two big redtails above our yard. That's something you don't see very often.

    As I stood there in our yard, mouth agape, watching the circling hawk and the treed one, I realized ...yikes!...there was a third one down at tree level above our yard.

    We are definitely not free ranging our chickens any time this winter.

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