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View Diary: Explaining The Vitriolic Right Wing Hate Machine (12 comments)

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    that there are too many of these hate- and ignorance-spewing people in public office and on our airwaves. And if they continue with Christian education crap through law, vouchers, Beka textbooks, etc, they're indoctrinating the NEXT generation.

    Fear is a huge motivator. We saw the GOP use it during the last election cycle. Sanity still prevailed, but too many of our good people were forced to stand in line for HOURS to vote.

    I don't know how we can reach more people--the Fox-watchers, the Rushbots, the Huckabee-huggers--and make them understand exactly what is being done to them, and their children. I have found that it is mostly impossible to reason with these people, so indoctrinated with lies repeated over and over until those lies become their reality. I'm not giving up, ever, but I do worry.

    Thank you for the diary.

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