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View Diary: Fox anchor is convinced millions of new taxpayers would be bad for America because Obamacare (82 comments)

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    And I hope it is true.  But I think there are two different mechanisms going on here, which obscures the issue a little bit.   First is the hoped for cost-reduction - that is, health care costs will go down as more people get health insurance.  Second is cost-shifting.  Right now, the general population of people with health insurance pays for uninsured ER visits through higher insurance premiums.  Under the new law, low-income Americans (and an unknown percentage of "new" Americans) would qualify for insurance subsidies, paid for by taxpayers, which will reduce (but not eliminate!) the number of uninsured.  

    The cost-reduction may mean that in the end, everyone actually pays less than would have happened had the law not passed.  However, I expect a lot of Republicans to only focus on half of the cost shifting equation - the government is now paying X dollars for the illegals!  Of course, they'll ignore that everyone with insurance already was paying for that health care.  

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