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  •  thank you, Phil (10+ / 0-)

    but i'm 99.9% certain it will.  

    i tried the recommended channels per the FAQ and got nowhere.  three weeks later, nothing.  no recourse.  in that time, other people were intimidated by the same individual.  he followed me to another blog and was banned there.  how do you avoid someone like this, exactly?  

    after three weeks of being manipulated into silence, then that very disturbing message, i had no recourse.   i'm sorry that some were offended by the "drama" of a "wuss" who took a stand about an overgrown bully.  

    i never expected any response, or for him to be banned (again - i expect he'll be back soon).  

    my feeling about all of this (fee-fee? whatever) is there was no remedy, or possible resolution.  i wouldn't  frequent a club in my real life as a subscriber and tolerate that toxicity, so why would i do so online, especially when the owner has decided that objection should be penalized?  

    after almost nine years, i'm sad it ended this way, but i'm grateful to have known many people whom i like and respect, and for all i've learned from them.  overall, it was a very positive experience.

    all the best to you. ;)

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