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  •  These absolutely do exist. (4+ / 0-)
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    But I don't compile them, for a couple reasons.

    First, because they aren't #GunFAILs. And this is a list of #GunFAILs.

    Second, because that can be somebody else's job. I spend enough time as it is on this list. I'm very curious about the numbers, but I was more curious about these numbers. If someone wants to compile such a list, I'd be fascinated to see it.

    Third, because there's not often enough information for me to be able to decide whether a particular instance is a gun success, a #GunFAIL, or a wash.

    Intruder breaks into a home and the homeowner shoots and kills them? OK, gun success, right? Probably. But I'd hate to put that list up only to find out that the intruder was after the homeowner's stash of meth. It's still a defense, though, right? Well, yeah. So I'd be in the clear on that one, and I'd probably include it, even though it would end up frustrating the purpose.

    But what about your basic "Man found shot to death in alleyway" story? Is that just a straight up murder? Is it actually a dead would-be murderer who's been shot by his intended victim, who then didn't hang around for the paperwork?

    I don't know. And it's up to the cops to sort those out. I can't do it.

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