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    So very sad for your loss, but I echo the others who have said that she is waiting for you.  I have a bunch waiting for me, too.  Having gotten down to three cats after GotMilk, a tuxedo with the sweetest disposition, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in September of 2011, I swore I wouldn't get another cat. Didn't take a month and Charlie showed up - one month old, found in a woodpile, had to be bottle-fed for a few weeks.  He now weighs 19 pounds and is just a holy terror at 16 months old.  He's just been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease, but that's not slowing him down. The doctor who's treating him is amazed at his energy.  Sending much love and huge hugs to you - I know exactly how you feel.

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      My diabetic cat, Daisy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday morning also.  She was 15.  Last March a feral cat left one of her kittens on the porch (I think she was trying to move them in the rain and she was nowhere to be found and the kitten would have drowned...a week later I found the other three and she was caring for them).  Anyway, I took him in...he was only  a few hours old... and bottle fed him.  I was worried he wouldn't make it but he did and he is now a beautiful, loving cat.  I, too, always say I won't get more.  But they just show up and I won't turn a fellow creature in need away.

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