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    It's always hard when we lose our loved ones (two- or four-legged); I only hope the kind words and thoughts you are getting here will help you get over the loss.

    Your story took me back to one of the worst days of my life: November of 2010, when I (me being the strong one, and the only mobile one in the family) had to take our beloved Emily for that Last Trip Over the Bridge. We had gotten her in 1990, when we were all so much younger, and we got twenty years of very-adored catness out of her: a little fuzzball Himalayan kitten who grew into a little fuzzball Himalayan cat, and who, for twenty years and some months, always made sure we knew - absolutely - that the sure cure for any of our manifold problems was to pay attention to and pet the cat! And of course, Emmy was always right....

    I still remember holding her as that last shot took hold, and I could feel her little spirit go off wherever it is good cat spirits go: It sounds like your Mike was sent off with a great deal of love: my condolences

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