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View Diary: Chris Christie 'conditionally vetoes' minimum wage increase, Democrats saying screw your conditions (52 comments)

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    JeffW, penguins4peace, vcmvo2, CHUDLEIGH

    We have lost the concept of fair and just. It use to be that a fair days work for a fair days pay was the norm. But now it is all about the most profit. Can't people see how short sighted this is. To reinvest in the business and pay fair wages, strengthens your company and the economy as a whole. It is the long term view that leads to longevity and prosperity. What will bring us back? A complete change of values. An to help this happen wage and price controls. This will bring a set of standards back and once in place a balance to the economy as a whole. We must start to understand that it is not all take, but reinvestment by, employers and employees, that will generate a thriving economy and prosperous community.

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