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View Diary: 'Will You Still Love Me When I'm 64?' (79 comments)

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  •  just sent replies to all here; but can't be seeen. (5+ / 0-)

    Duh. Maybe that's difference between replying & commenting....Still the new grrrl on this block.

    (going offline now. g'night.)


    warning: I'm not sure when, how often I'll check back &/or write more pieces here in Diary. Not 'too busy' nor 'washing my hair.' :-) Just not on any actual  schedule for writing, yet (if ever).

    Will let any interested know when, if, where I initiate my blog.  Working Title (Now don't steal this brilliance, you all.): SACRED COWS/SCARED COWS.

    Tell me what you think it's about, if you want. I am curious.

    Recommendations for sites for writing welcome.

    NOW i'm really gone.  GONE GIRL. Really.


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