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View Diary: Reports: Timbuktu Manuscripts Threatened By Mali Insurgents; Some Saved (221 comments)

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    Don't get me wrong, I hate when shit like this happens. I can't stand groups like the Taliban or Mali Islamists either. At the same time I don't think the United States or the West in general need to intervene in every other nation's civil war or national crisis.

     If they request it or if it's something extreme like Rwanda, then okay. By now I would think Americans would have learned from past wars, but I guess they haven't.

     In the short term, it's good that France is helping Mali get rid of those extremists, but in the long term France will take advantage of this intervention as an excuse to meddle in Mali's internal affairs, much like what the United States is trying to do to Afghanistan. Anything else that goes on in Mali is none of France's (or the West's) business.

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