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  •  A laugh track when LaPierre & co speak ... (2+ / 0-)
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    Horace Boothroyd III, BobX


    Seriously, these really ARE inherently hysterically funny ideas:

    Armed kindergarten teachers: "Romber bomper stomper BOOM!BOOM! BOOM!BOOM! TWO TO THE HEAD TWO TO THE CHEST! Beyotches!"

    A bigger laugh riot than Miss Nancy at Romper Room strapped with a Glock and body armor?  Armed college students!  (And certain Professors.)  Seen the Frat Boys (and Girls) on a Saturday night lately? Whoo HOOOO that will be fun... 'specially in Texas and other Red States.  (Adds a whole new meaning to that term "red" state.)

    The feds having any record of who has a single weapon, much less has purchased truckloads of ammo and guns. is a horrible infringement of rights, but every podunk police department, having a list of people who may have a mental health problem? No privacy problem there!

    The answer to the slaughter caused by too many people with too many guns is more and more people with more and more guns!  And THEN fewer people will be killing other people with guns! No...seriously! It makes no sense, and it's totally opposite to facts in every other western and/or civilized nation in the world, but America IS exceptional that way!

    The Second Amendment was added by the leaders of the country so people would feel free to shoot the leaders of the country if they disagreed with how that whole "government" thing was going.  (Madison was a huge prankster... his favorite line? "Just shoot me!")

    Add some rim shots.  (No pun intended.) A laugh track... it's a comedy riot!

    •  Best Political Commentary (1+ / 0-)
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      That I saw was for the 1992 Republican Convention in Houston. On Comedy Central, they ran the speeches verbatim, but with a snarky track that rebutted and responded to the idiocies spewing forth.  

      FYI - I watched it at the Newsweek Houston office with the reporters who didn't get into the convention floor. Of all the networks, Comedy Central was the network of choice to watch the GOP convention.

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