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View Diary: What nobody is addressing about the Electoral Vote-rigging scheme (180 comments)

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    Sharon Wraight, orlbucfan

    any new system will convert back to the current method of choosing electors. Because in politics usually a small number of influential people determine how things are done. If winner-take-all states change to split electors, there will be a lot of internecine fighting over who gets the attentions of the prospective candidates. Out of that what emerges are connected and influential individuals who are able to promise whole swaths of districts. Over time those individuals will further burnish their credentials by promising to deliver the entire state. Campaigns will much prefer to simplify their headaches by dealing with these kingmaker types, rather than having to court and curry favor with multiple potential electors. This will lead to competition with other split elector states for attention and favors, and so the activity will eventually seek to find it's own level. Which in my opinion will bring things right back to the way they've been. Yeah it's possible there might be a window of opportunity for traditions to be upended, but only until the new guard replaces the old guard. After that the new guard will want to consolidate power and not leave any oxygen in the atmosphere for the next generation of squabblers to grab their hard won turf. And so it goes...

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