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View Diary: Shh! I predict a boomerang effect to the Republicans' new strategy (36 comments)

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    This ignorant drivel makes me almost think that you are trolling this site.  "Obama has been as right wing and reactionary as any major GOP figure of the past generation"?   That is the height of idiocy.  Shame on you for making such an asinine statement.  

    Obama is neither a conservative, nor is he a moderate Republican.  At best you can call him a moderate Democrat, but clearly to the left of center, and sharply veering to the left as of late.   So, how can you claim that Obama is the equal of every right-wing nutjob we have seen come along over the last 20 years?  If not ignorant, then you are willfully misleading readers.

    Obama vs. GOP doctrine

    1. Obama defends abortion rights with word and deed.  Right-wing nutjobs want to outlaw abortion.

    2. Obama threw away "Don't ask, don't tell," effectively allowing gay and lesbians to openly serve in the military.  Right-wing nutjobs would continue the policy or go even further and ban homosexuals from serving in the military.

    3. Lilly Ledbetter Act.  Equal pay for equal work.  Right-wing nutjobs would never sign onto legislation like that, are just fine with pay discrepancy between the sexes.

    4. Obama campaigned on the notion that "trickle-down economics" is a failed concept, and it actually hurt our economy instead of helped it.  The recent tax adjustments are a first step to undo the economic damage done by Bush.  Right-wing nutjobs continue to claim that "trickle-down" is  the way to go, and that even more tax breaks for the wealthy are needed.  

    5. With word and deed Obama sees the Government's role as regulator, playing-field leveler.  Right-wing nutjobs want government to get out of the way of market forces.  

    6. Affirmative Action:  Obama is a vocal proponent, as he cites opportunities for the disadvantaged, while right-wing nutjobs want to do away with Affirmative Action of any kind.  

    7. Obama seeks to strengthen public schools, and he also wants to expand funding for low-cost student loans.  Right-wing nutjobs seek to dismantle the Education department, replace school funding with vouchers, and resist giving low-cost student loans.  

    8. Gun Control.  Obama seeks to ban certain guns and magazines, seeks to change laws to require background checks with any gun purchase.  Right-wing nutjobs don't want any restrictions on gun sales and resist banning any guns or ammunition types.

    9. Energy.  Obama invested heavily in solar energy exploration as well as wind, right-wing nutjobs don't want any funding to go to solar and wind.

    10. Global Warming.  Obama has strongly suggested that Global Warming is a major issue to be dealt with immediately.  right-wing nutjobs deny that Global Warming exists, don't want anything done.

    11. Healthcare.  Supports a public solution to Healthcare, cites the fact that public healthcare is there to serve the public, not run ever-increasing profits like private carriers.  Right-wing nutjobs seek to do away with the ACA and believe that private insurers must be protected from a public option because "it might prove too popular with the public and with that hurting private insurers"

    12. Immigration.  Obama supports Immigration reform that gives every Illegal Immigrant a path to citizenship.  He also signed the DREAM ACT into law.  Right-wing nutjobs don't want citizenship for any Illegal Immigrants, and they don't want the DREAM ACT.  

    13. Same Sex Marriage.  Obama supports same sex marriage.  Right-wing nutjobs don't.

    14. Religion.  Over the last 4 years Obama has supported, with words and deeds, the separation of church and state, right-wing nutjobs want no such separation.

    15.  Safety net.  Obama has, with words and deeds, protected the safety net that helps the poor and middle class as well as the elderly and disabled.  Right-wing nutjobs seek to do away with much of the safety net because the "takers" and "moochers" don't deserve a helping hand.  

    On and on the list goes.  

    Ignorant statements like ""Obama has been as right wing and reactionary as any major GOP figure of the past generation" are an insult to logical and clear thinking people, in light of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  

    As for Nader, are you FREAKING kidding me?  How old are you?  Seriously, you must be very young, since you seem ignorant of election history as it pertains to states.   You can't possibly equate the number of creepy Nader voters, who with their shameful votes enabled 8 years of Bush disasters, with generic "Democratic" voters in some states and their votes for the opposition?   Many people register for one party or the other just to vote in certain primaries, then don't bother changing affiliation again.  Thus, many "Democrats" in some states are really Republican voters, either leaning or strongly so,  while many "Republicans" in other states are really Democratic voters, leaning or strongly so.  That is just the nature of politics in many of these states, has nothing to do with actual ideology.   However, Nader voters knew exactly what they were doing, and even though they were warned about what they were doing to the country, they foolishly went ahead anyway. They are disgusting excrement, and I am not at all surprised that you defend these scumbags.    

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