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  •  This argument worries me: (4+ / 0-)
    There are also those who feel, some quite strongly, that genocide can be said to occur only when all, or at least most, of the intended victims have been actually killed. Writers who espouse this position will often claim that there was no genocide against American Indians by the United States because American Indians survived.
    By that argument, the Nazis didn't commit genocide either; lots of us Jews are still around, as are a good few Romani and other miscellaneous untermenschen.

    I can see the merit of the argument from a purely linguistic standpoint -- strictly speaking, the Nazis only attempted genocide, as they did not succeed in actually exterminating any of the races they were systematically massacring.  However, the phrase "attempted genocide" doesn't quite have the weight that it really should.

    Regardless: it's completely beyond question that the US's policy and behavior with regard to American Indians were genocidal for quite some time.

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