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View Diary: Significant Tornado Outbreak Likely Today From TX to IL (80 comments)

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    Spock: "Curious, Captain.  Storms of this relative helacity rarely occur in the Canada star sector on this star date group.  There appears to be some kind of disruption in the low level jets (another cool term that works on Star Trek).  I do seem to recall, sir, that the Klingons have their non-emissions capped dilithium crystal refineries here.  The dilithium emissions appear to be getting trapped at the galactic boundary, keeping antimatter from escaping (yeah, yeah, I know the science in this episode is falling toward pseudoscience territory, but it's fun.)  The Klingon commander of the sector, an officer named Koch, is most unreasonable about this."

    McCoy: "Confound your Vulcan logic, you pointy eared computer!  They're creating a galactic greenhouse effect!  Jim, we've got to do something!"

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