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View Diary: Stop saying Republican electoral-vote rigging is constitutional. It's not. Here's why. (193 comments)

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    Gerrymandering is redrawing the districts to favor one political party.  Every state has to have equipop districts, but they are not all gerrymandered.  States with neutral commissions that attempt to hew to natural political boundaries (i.e., not splitting up cities between 4 districts to neutralize urban voters in all 4) do not gerrymander.

    And, again, take a look at I. and II. after the jump.  Equal protection principles are brought into play if districts are not equipop, but also if political boundaries are equal but drawn to dilute some group's vote.

    Again, this is slightly different from my point; i.e., that there is precedent to argue that a electoral-vote apportionment scheme that ensures a state's political minority controls 80% of its electoral vote is a violation of the one-person, one-vote standard on dilution grounds.

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      We are dancing around the same ground.  The argument I was responding to was not in relation to court cases or law in relation to equal protection via political boundaries, but whether or not such case law would make gerrymandering on it's face invalid.

      My argument is that with the equipop insertion, a key touch, gerrymandering has unfortunately kind of been bared out by the court.

      But the fact that this is true, the equipop standard destroys the key component of apportionment based on # of districts, because the # of districts will not add up in any method to create an equipop waiting to even justify that leg of the stool.

      I think we're on the same page here, actually.  :)

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      by Chris Reeves on Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 04:14:13 PM PST

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