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    IT Professional

    ...and I'm not a "xenophobe".

    We have large numbers of unemployed people in our country already. Bringing more people in will lower the wages of Americans.

    (There are "studies" that say otherwise, but you only need to look at who pays for such studies. We have learned form the Climate Change debate that "studies" can be made to say anything.)

    -- Educated immigrants lower wages for educated Americans. Try being 40 years old and getting a job in IT these days!

    -- Uneducated immigrants lower wages for uneducated Americans. Why hire and train Black kids when Brown men can be imported for so much cheaper?

    So many of the anti-immigration voices are known racists, that it is easy (and intellectually lazy) to assume that racism in the only reason for opposing immigration. It's not.

    When we increase immigration, are we helping the country? Or are we helping the people who own the country?  I wish more progressives would ask themselves this question.
    But whatever policy we choose needs to recognize that the immigration debacle is a net loss for the American worker, and a contributing factor to the lower wages and increased wealth of the 1%. We need to discourage future immigration, after we have fixed the current mess.

    If Microsoft need programmers, perhaps they can interview some of the guys they recently laid off. The Path to Citizenship should not go through the HR offices of the Fortune 500.

    That said, I recognize reality. We cannot send 11 million people home, and we cannot keep them here without granting them voting rights. I support a path to full citizenship (not "green cards") for all illegals. But let's not let ourselves be put into this position again!

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