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    CA wildwoman
    For example, we are now at the end of the era in which a rising tide lifts all boats. Republicans like Mitt Romney can talk about improving the overall business climate with lower taxes and lighter regulation, but regular voters sense that that won’t necessarily help them because wages no longer keep pace with productivity gains.
    Wages haven't kept up with productivity gains for 30 years.
    Unpacking that stunning contradiction of reality alone is frightening.

    It is the only possible way he can not concede that Conservative economic policy since Carter has been a failure. Even though people are now catching on.

    Sense that it won't necessarily.

    Brooks remains in willfull denial of reality even while conceding that "regular voters" are on to it.

    Anti-Washington, anti-urban sentiment has characterized those cultures for decades.
    "Urban"?! He is an intellectual coward.

    Decades, indeed. Your party built itself on ignorant and racist  effluent of the Democratic Party of 45 years ago.

    Which brings us to...

    The question is: Who’s going to build a second G.O.P.?
    The Democratic Party, David Brooks, that's who.

    Because it is not your place to choose what change to oppose. It is not the Conservative's  purvue to effect progress, but to "stand athwart it, yelling Stop".

    The Republican concept of 'creating new realities' has been retested and revealed, again, to be nasty, brutish and short.

    It’s probably futile to try to change current Republicans.
    That futility is what defines Republican Party ideology. The party will simply fail. Fail with racism, and fail with trickle down economics, and be relegated to it's rightful minority status.
    It will only grow as opposition to what new forms of progress emerge from liberalism, and progressivism, while maintaining a fictional history of success.

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