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  •  my initial reaction to your title was not at all (14+ / 0-)

    what i expected and found from the body of your writing.  interestingly, as i read, i understood and agreed with you - imagined, not as in "imaginary friend" of childhood - rather "imagined" of what the mind can do at its best - create and develop and build a community around commonly created minds - whether they are posting or just reading.

    every idea starts with imagination - we create first within our own minds then share that imagination outward.  how many it reaches is undetermined when the idea is first formulated.

    i doubt that markos, in his wildest dreams, "imagined" that this site would grow to over half a million registered users and many more "lurkers/readers" - yet this site just goes to show how "imagination" can grow into something powerful and real.

    i first held back at meeting folks in real world because ... well, i'm not totally sure, except it had to do with a very negative experience from meeting someone from all politics years ago.  i didn't trust the real flesh behind the anonymous boards - yet, when i met my first kossacks years ago, then more as time goes by, i've realized that this group of people contains those i WANT to know better!  even those with whom i've held strong opposite positions, when meeting them - they are to be cherished!  those opposite and differing perspectives challenge and add to my own and help me grow, too.  

    the problems we face here are similar to any dynamic where so many excellent minds join in discussions passionately - yet, when someone is in need - this "community" steps forward and shows its best "colors".

    thank you for this diary - it is thought provoking and reminds me of days of old - when the title leads the reader to a totally different place than initially expected - well written and adding something new and valuable to the discussion!

    EdriesShop Is it kind? is it true? is it necessary?

    by edrie on Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 11:34:42 AM PST

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