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View Diary: Syria - At Least 65 Bodies Reported Found on River in Aleppo and Ceylanpinar Update (14 comments)

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  •  Saudis are trying to block a Shia' crescent (5+ / 0-)

    in the region as they are also assisting in containing and restraining restive Shia' populations in their allies.  The US screwed up badly from the Saudi perspective in making Iraq a Shia' governed  country (though they were all for giving Saddam the heave-ho) and laying the groundwork for a possible Shia' hegemony in the region

    •  The Saudis tried to get Baby Bush to not attack (1+ / 0-)
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      Iraq but failed. The neocons had full control and they held sway.

      Papa Bush knew better after Iraq was effectively neutered. He left Saddam with just enough resources and firepower to control the Shiites in the south which was what the Saudis wanted. Bush did a number on the Shiites by insinuating if they rose up against Saddam he would support them. This was a lie and caused the deaths of 100,000's of Shiites.

      •  yep the Shia' uprising is one of the stories (1+ / 0-)
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        Claudius Bombarnac

        that our media largely missed. I think some of Saddam's cronies were tried for atrocities committed during that uprising, though the cronies had so many atrocities, it was difficult to keep up with the charges.  If so, it is ironic that Saddam's people were punished for suppressing an abortive revolt that the US specifically encouraged, knowing that it would fail due to a lack of promised support

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