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View Diary: Emergency Help Needed: marabout40 Will Be Homeless Tomorrow (152 comments)

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    Another source of emergency funds for housing is churches.  Many congregations have accounts specifically for purposes like this, but you have to ask. If she has been volunteering at a church, she already has a connection into that community. I've helped lots of people patch together a month's rent or a security deposit from several different sources, including churches.  I don't know where/how she has been living since her last fundraiser here in November, but if she hasn't already used church funds, she should try.

    A couple of other stopgap sources of income used by people I work with are plasma donation, day labor, and temp agencies.   Even a very small income can make a big difference in survival and in accessing other social services. I'd encourage her not to overlook small part-time jobs - dog walking, virtual assistant etc. while she is waiting for a full-time position.  

    Again, best of luck.

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      church where she is working has a low-income, elderly congregation, and the church itself is strapped for funds.

      The pastor has been asking various charities in Rochester if there is help for marabout. I'm hoping something pulls together today for her until she has either a job or social services comes through, after the five months she has been in Rochester.

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