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    My mother weighs about 100 pounds and was diagnosed with high blood pressure.  She took her blood pressue measurements independently at home for a long time, and finally conceded that it was high.  We have white-coat syndrome.  Our blood pressure goes up when we see a doctor.

    She is 84 years old.  She takes a tiny little pill once per day now.  Last summer, she mowed the yard of over an acre twice per week, climbed ladders, chased dogs around the yard, leaned out of a two-story house washing the twenty windows, etc. She eats oatmeal every morning, and does not eat again until supper.  She found a local doctor who is regulating her problem.  She will live to be 100, I hope....

    She never stops moving.  It still has not saved her from this HBP problem.

    Hope it works out for you, Auntie Neo Kawn

    de fin able 1: able to be defined

    by paperscissors on Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 12:11:55 AM PST

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