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View Diary: This is why I carry a gun when I can. (219 comments)

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  •  Lack of sufficent factual data (0+ / 0-)

    leads you to a plausible hypothesis of sodomy by aliens.

    Stupid does not even begin to describe you point ... personal insults not withstanding.

    I suspect you can do better.  The OP, not so much.

    •  I politely suggest. (5+ / 0-)

      You look up 'Reductio ad absurdum '

      The person responding to the diary was, I will assume, demonstrating the falsity of arguing that a firearm would have helped the person in this story, by presenting an 'on it's face, ludicrous' proposition that still fits the available facts.

      But thank you for your response.

      In all of the world's problems religion has never been the solution

      by Tailgunner30uk on Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 03:30:12 AM PST

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      •  You in fact presented the argument (0+ / 0-)

        as a "reasonable hypothesis" not as a rhetorically absurd one. Moreover, the original argument to which I responded was also not constructed in the manner you suggest; the initial proposition under refutation is hardly ludicrous or unimaginably fanciful and the contrivance of an equivalent absurdity fails utterly.  Simply put, your suggestion is nothing more than a poorly aimed and misfired squib.

        So respectfully, I do not believe the error lies with my understanding or confusion of semantics or rhetoric.

        An overheated, hyper-ventilated point without merit is sometimes nothing more than just that, however much it may be cloaked in the finery of justificatory sophistry after the fact.

        Thank you though for the ambitious effort to reconstruct the irretrievably insensible into a worthwhile rejoinder.

        •  I went back and reread. (6+ / 0-)

          This thread in which the comment "abducted by aliens" resides, and unfortunately find your argument disingenuous at best.

          A question was posed.  How would a gun have helped her given that the link provided no information of an assailant? with the admittedly inaccurate point of being on the bridge.

          "how would a gun have helped this woman? She wasn't the victim of gun violence according to the link, sounds to me like something happened to her on the icy bridge."
          To which the diarist responded thus.
          "The bridge surveillance camera catches her exiting the bridge and then turning left toward home onto a little side street, and then she evaporated from the face of the earth."
          The question How would a gun have helped her? was re-asked with the statement .
          "For all we know she was abducted by aliens and is right now getting anally probed.  "
          It is a well understood colloquialism used to demonstrate a baseless and irrational position, unsupported by evidence.  Followed by an epiphet laden critique of the diary.  You chose however, not to deal with the argument, but rather to offer personal insult.
          "you show nothing to justify the presence of a brain in your cranium.  "
          In my response I qualified my premis, on the "abduction by aliens" statement thus, paraphrased for emphasis and additional clarity.

          In America significant minorities, believe the following.  Angels are real.  That the Earth is 6000 years old. That
          Jesus rode around on a dinosaur.  That Barack Hussein  Obama is a Kenyan, Muslim, Fascist, Communist Dictator, et al.  In the light of these fundamentally irrational beliefs "abduction by aliens" with the unfortunate anal connotations that accompany this meme would seem to be a proposition, equally reasonable as that offered by the diarist.

          That is not to say that I or any rational person would accept Alien abduction as any form of explanation, but rather as a vehicle to demonstrate the irrationality of the proposition, that "A gun would have helped". where none of the circumstances of the disappearance are known.  In point of fact I posited a far more rational explanation based upon the known facts, that did not require the fabrication of an unknown assailant, nor Space Aliens or the conjouration of any of a myriad of mythical beasts.

          Finally,  if you wish to take this further I would respectfully suggest you locate a mirror, as I am certain you will find it far more amenable to your arguments.

          Have a really great day.

          In all of the world's problems religion has never been the solution

          by Tailgunner30uk on Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 06:09:11 AM PST

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          •  The original response was not (0+ / 0-)

            in reply to "how a gun would have helped" but rather that she simply disappeared without trace and to that the hypothesis that she could have met with foul play.  And therein was based the supposed hypothetical equivalence "for all we know/anal probe by aliens" assertion.  So please ... spare me the Olympic efforts to contort a failed argument into something better than the simple cow turd that it was.

            This was no reductio ad absurdum, ever.

            Go back and try again (or not) ... but now proposing mirrors for me serves you no better than your last suggestion.  How about you just trying a wee bit harder to get it right by the first or second go round?  

            And now ... the last word is all yours. But please be careful with handling the sharp swords, though ... you're a bit cut up.

            •   The dairist (1+ / 0-)
              Recommended by:

              used this story from a well know sensationalist rag as an example of why he feels he should at all times carry a gun. It is a lame argument for packing a gun. If she met with foul play and was armed she would have fared better is in itself doubtful. In this story however we don't know what happened to her.  So she didn't fall off the bridge perhaps she fell off the walkway near the river. Perhaps she was beamed up by aliens. Who knows what happened to her.

              If your going to pick a scary story to justify every one carrying guns it would seem to me that one about actual gun play would be essential. Preferably one in which the armed victim was able to use the gun to save themselves.

              This is very similar to the nut cake conservative who testified today that women should have a big semi automatic weapon in their homes in case 4 or 5 armed home invaders invaded their houses as women are not as strong and men. A fear fantasy not unlike droning people into oblivion is gonna keep your family safe.

              Try reading this enlightening dairy series published weekly it tells real stories of people who believe that guns have magical power and endow you with???

              Another day in the (gun crazy) U.S.A.

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