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View Diary: Obama's Immigration plan devastating to U.S. job seekers (216 comments)

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  •  OK, thanks again for the details! (0+ / 0-)

    leading to my next bout of confusion - those numbers seem WAY higher than the 85,000 limit mentioned in the diary.  

    But maybe that's a new quote just kicking in for this year . .. . .

    Finally, "computer-related" occupations is pretty broad - does that count clerks ringing up USB drives down at Best Buy?

    •  You're Asking Great Questions (1+ / 0-)
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      And I want you to know I'd be reccing them if I weren't NR for HRing some asshole who said poor people should be living on water and carrots.  I think we're both interested in specifics.

      From the BLS figures perspective (the unemployment numbers) it is difficult to say.  Here are the BLS classifications of "Computer & IT Professions."  You could make the case that someone at Best Buy who actually works for the "Geek Squad" could be described as a "Computer Support Specialist..." but I don't know if the BLS would classify Geek Squad people who are unemployed as having a "Computer Related" job or a "Retail" job.  I am comfortable stating that a majority of unemployed people who self-identify or are identified by the BLS as "Computer/IT professionals" are not Geek Squad / First level tech support types, but there certainly is some overlap.  I think this is especially true when you consider the BLS identifies the median salary for that job classification at about 46k a year, and I don't think the median best buy / geek squad employee makes anywhere near that (but I'm just guessing).

      Something I'm extremely comfortable saying based on my own IT credentials: "Computer Support Specialists" are the least likely of any job classification on that list to be displaced by someone on an H1b visa... it's basically "entry level wage" for It professions anyway and the qualifications for those jobs are not strict.

      This is not a criticism of Computer Support Specialists either, I did that job for several years.

      From the standpoint of the H1b numbers, it doesn't really matter, because there's no way Best Buy is using H1b visas to fill geek squad positions (they can get college students and/or It professionals who want a part time job on the side to do it for cheap enough).

      I agree that there is a disparity in the diary numbers and the Immigration Services numbers... but I will defer to Immigration Services on the number of Visa applications they approved (personally).

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