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View Diary: Obama's Immigration plan devastating to U.S. job seekers (216 comments)

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    In some of my comments, I've mentioned networking.  Well, there's smart networking and dumb networking.

    Smart networking is where you don't just go to one event, you go to a load of events.  Whether via Eventbrite, Meetup or any other source.  In fact, I went to a few yesterday and I made over ten contacts in mobile app technology, Salesforce, networking, marketing and web development.  Granted of course this is the San Francisco area I'm talking about, still, the fact that I went out there and developed these connections means I'm serious about the process, whether I'm looking for a job, referring people to those looking for jobs or just simply strengthening my presence in the business community.

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      Let us know when you're successful, and may it be soon!

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        I'm just there to help out those who are looking for positions.  The San Francisco Professional Career Network is awesome, perfect for those unemployed to start building connections.

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