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    You have questions?  I have answers!  I think.

    I have questions: What is the most difficult dish you ever made (successfully)? As kids many of us were stubborn and very closed minded about things. Food is one. I hated everything except Macaroni and cheese, but once I was out on my own, I learned to love all kinds of food. What foods did you hate as a child that you have grown to love today? How about music? Teenagers can be awfully contemptuous about what Mom and Dad like to listen to. What music did you not like as a kid that you have grown to appreciate, if not love, today? What is your thermostat set at?  What was your favorite childhood toy? Do you still have it?
    I don't cook at all, so, aside from chocolate chip cookies, I have to say three bean salad, which iirc, involves no cooking of any kind, just opening cans and mixing.

    I liked almost everything as a kid.  I wouldn't go near sauerkraut, though, until I was about 20.  Now I like it.

    My parents were pretty old, so I heard a lot of old music, a lot of it not very good, but some just fine.  In my young-to-middle years, I developed a strong distaste for country music, but I like a lot of it now.

    We're so sophisticated these days, our thermostat is programmable for three or four different times of day and all the days of the week.  I think Lulu keeps it at around 66 most of the day, but cooler at night.  When she's out of town, I crank it up a degree or two.

    Favorite toy?  No idea.

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