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View Diary: VA GOP Sneakily Rams Through Forced Ultrasounds (16 comments)

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  •  Blue Virginia (5+ / 0-)

    Sure, Cuccinelli is showing his kinder, gentler side to us NOW but we have memories and the internet to remind us of what he thinks about women who want to control their own bodies.  He is every bit as bad for the women of Virginia as the current Governor Ultrasound.  

    His loss in this year's election is essential not only for Virginia but for all other Republican states.  They need to change their anti-woman ways.  MANY states already have anti-women bills in the works.  North Dakota has 5 with the clear intent of closing down their only abortion clinic.  Gee, one of the bills looks just like the one in Mississippi.

    Do what you can to keep this guy from becoming Governor of Virginia.  It is an important race for the entire country.

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