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View Diary: Republicans in disarray over immigration (83 comments)

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    Some of the criteria for citizenship are catch 22s. One of these criterion is to report your employer. That is ridiculous.
    I think that the language requirement is absurd. Not everyone can pick up another language especially given the the extremely poor access to language educational opportunity for learning English. Illegal immigrants are working oppressively long hours. When are they supposed to stop and travel to an English class?
    If the steps on the "Path to Citizenship" are too obstructive and Byzantine, then we will end up in the same place.
    Republican version of immigration reform is only going to entail maximizing exploitation of workers both legal and illegal. You can bet the that unpatriotic multi-nationals are busy writing the immigration laws preparing to feed their version of "reform" directly to the legislatures.
    Expect a shit sandwich.

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