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  •  They can and they do (4+ / 0-)
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    mimi, Lujane, rbird, Nowhere Man

    but as stated above the risk goes up when one crosses that imaginary border. In the case of the southside of Chicago and the Hyde Park-Kenwood neighborhood it is all about the University of Chicago working hard to maintain its neighborhood. This means both the addition of the UofC cops to the city cops but also the lack of care about the surrounding neighborhoods. Let them go to hell in a handbasket just make sure Hyde Park is safe.

    This has been going on since the great black migration out of the south began in the 40's. It was at that time that the neighborhoods of North Kenwood and Oakland-Bronzeville to the north of Hyde Park (and south Kenwood) and Woodlawn, Englewood and Washington Park to the south and west of Hyde Park went from middle class white neighborhoods to black ghetto. Over time these neighborhoods were allowed to deteriorate through lack of care or city services, over crowding, absentee landlords, and eventually lack of police... except to clean up the mess after gang shootings.

    When I was a boy the Blackstone Rangers and the Disciples were edging into Hyde Park and there were serious problems. By the time I left they had mostly been shoved out of Hyde Park and their borders (and mine) had been made clear.

    47th street on the north. Cottage Grove on the west. The Midway (60th street) on the south and the lake on the east. Those were the borders encompassing all of Hyde Park and the very rich half of Kenwood.

    Those are still mostly the borders as far as I can tell from afar (haven't been back since 2000) though the UofC has encroached into Woodlawn across the midway and I gather 47th is being revitalized. Also the horrible high rise house projects have been torn down so at least that problem has been dismantled. But those areas have contained some of the worst concentrated poverty in the nation (not sure if they still rank at the top or not) all surrounding the middle class neighborhood of one of the top universities in the nation where there are more nobel prize winners concentrated in a square mile then anywhere else in the world.

    It's like night and day.

    "Do what you can with what you have where you are." - Teddy Roosevelt

    by Andrew C White on Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 02:45:57 PM PST

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      Andrew C White

      would have become out of the Capitol Hill area in DC, which stretches out around the Capitol for a few miles to the south, east and north of the Capitol. Major parts were poverty and crime stricken in the seventies and eighties, if Washington DC had its University Campuses like GWU, GU or American University directly near the Capitol, I think the scenario there would be similar to what you describe for UofC and the Hyde Park-Kennwood neighborhood.

      These days Capitol Hill is a neighborhood for the government employees who are well off and secure.

      It's like night and day or like black and white, right?

      How high is the percentage of Afro-Americans (and I mean Afro-Americans and not any foreign brown ethnicity that populates the universities to make up for "good looks and diversity", ie excluding every brown person the Americans define but is not American born Afro-American) at the UofC?

      In DC you have Howard University. So, Howard University couldn't be situated in American University Park of the NW of DC, and American University would never have been situated in the area of where Howard University is located, as it's around 57 % Afro-American. So the border is between black and white. Who would have thought ...

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