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View Diary: 15 y.o Obama Inaugural Performer Gunned Down (309 comments)

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  •  It depends on the definition of 'life' (0+ / 0-)

    I read all of the commenters, and some of you mentioned the Consolate attack in Benghazi.

    Where foriegn media, the Chinese and the Malay media I read mentioned more of the 'truth' about the attack (a deliberate attack in the middle of the night, not spawned by protests)...they also mentioned that the attackers first seized a 'cafeteria type building' (I dont know the english word to use here) and murdered 10 Libyan workers.

    I see the  mention of this little girl as the same.  She would be just another little girl, whose sister crys as she thumbs through the pages of the picture album, and never mentioned...except she performed in the ceremony for Obama.

    You see the same when Obama would CONDEMN the murder of Israeli settlers, and ignore the fact that the day before, and Israeli soldier emptied his weapon into a teenaged girl and made fun of the way her body acted while he was doing it.

    Someone said...that the murder of one child is a catastrophe, the murder of thousands is a statistic.

    I guess it doesnt matter to some people, when living in the shadow of war on the streets, or drone bombs, or occupation when a life is taken.  

    It depends on 'thier' definition of life...or more bluntly, who is worthy of mention.

    The true strength of of an oath is forged in adversity.

    by Nur Alia Chang on Sun Feb 03, 2013 at 07:46:20 AM PST

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