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  •  Since we're telling Irish jokes... (14+ / 0-)

    This is the Irish version, or shaggy dog version, if you prefer.

    An economist decided to go to Ireland for his vacation.  He flew to Shannon, rented a car, and proceeded to travel along, stopping only to eat and spending the night in bed and breakfasts.  

    One day, he was driving in Galway when he came across an idyllic scene.  Just above the road, on a verdant hill, was a flock of sheep scattered about upon the grass, and amongst the heather and gorse.  So he pulled over, got out of the car with his camera, and started snapping away.

    After he was done with that, he stepped over to where he saw the shepherd standing and, as visitors and natives often do in Ireland, they proceeded to have a leisurely chat.  At one point, the economist looked the shepherd in the eye, (how it ever came up we shall never know), and said to him I'll bet that I can tell you precisely how many sheep you have, and in less than ten seconds.

    Well now, said the shepherd, I'm not believing that you can do such a thing.  Indeed, I am so certain that you cannot, that I am willing to wager one of my sheep on the matter.  The two men agreed on the wager, and the tourist quickly scanned the hill.

    After less than five seconds, (let alone ten), the man cried out You have exactly 107 sheep.  Why, replied the shepherd, you have a level of observational skill, the likes of which I have never seen before, and never expect to see again.  Fair is fair, as my mother always used to say.  Choose your sheep.  And the man did so.

    The shepherd then looked at the man, and said to him You have to be giving me a chance to win my sheep back.  I would hate having to explain to my dear wife why I have come home short one of her beloved lambkins.  I'll make you the following counterwager.  If I can guess what you do for a living, will you return my sheep to me?  Of course, being a decent man at heart, as well as a bit of a gambler, the tourist agreed.

    After less than five seconds, (let alone ten), the shepherd cried out You can only be an economist.  The man, somewhat relieved, given how hard it is to drive with a sheep in the back seat, but still quite surprised, confirmed the fact.  I must admit, I am very impressed.  How did you know?

    Well, that's simple, said the shepherd.  All these fine sheep on the hill, and you chose my dog.

    Happy birthday Franz Schubert.

    Ancora Impara--Michelangelo

    by aravir on Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 09:04:57 AM PST

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