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  •  LaPierre, Oz and the Real World (18+ / 0-)

    It's time the media began to tell the truth here. There are exactly two meaningful players on the NRA side: The very rich gun dealers (joined at the hip with the other very rich power players on the right like Rove, Kochs, etc) and the far-right fringe who feel that they have to stockpile weapons to fight off the government's military.

    Make no mistake about it: If the average NRA member knew how they were being used (like the pawns in Dick Armey's "Teaparty") they would be shocked. But they won't, because the media perpetuates the myth and keeps the wizard's curtain drawn.

    •  asdf (10+ / 0-)
      Make no mistake about it: If the average NRA member knew how they were being used (like the pawns in Dick Armey's "Teaparty") they would be shocked.
      I am not so sure. While some gun owners here and others may decry the NRA, the impression I get is that they are extremely grateful for the cover that the organization provides with regard to their hobby.

      I have yet to see the emergence of a significant bloc of the so called reasonable gun owners.

    •  You know what else? (7+ / 0-)

      I think the gun-lobby is the tyrant.

      I think the name of the king is NRA.

      “One look, and your life was absolutely changed,” said Michael McGowan, one of the first police officers to arrive at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, as a gunman, in the space of minutes, killed 20 first graders and 6 adults.

      by lyvwyr101 on Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 01:03:05 PM PST

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    •  There's a simple test (4+ / 0-)
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      OldDragon, Womantrust, Faito, Back In Blue

      If someone proposed a law that (a) gun ownership would require a license and (b) gun owners with a license would be required to purchase new firearms every three years to replace their existing ones, or else lose their license and have their weapons confiscated, I'd give you good odds the NRA, these days primarily a lobby group for firearm producers, would be at best silent about the issue or would actively promote it. Concerns about the government taking away guns would go out the window. And why?

      Requiring everyone to buy more firearms if they want to legally keep them, that's a money-making machine.

    •  Stockpiling weapons (3+ / 0-)
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      kevin k, Faito, Fulgour

      these paranoid fantasies - such as the woman who testified that she needed an automatic weapon to defend her babies against hordes of intruders, or those who need to be prepared for when the govt. comes for them - makes me realize how much Bush et. al. played  on these absurd fears to get us into Iraq. How do ostensibly normal people sink into such a sick fantasy world?

      •  The government is coming for you! (0+ / 0-)

        From Northern Michigan, I can attest there are many who truly believe that the government is coming for them. There is no reason to have a military style weapon unless you are going to fight a military. I can also attest that almost none of these yahoos have enough property to even hunt with a rifle.

    •  But they wouldn't believe it (0+ / 0-)

      The average gun-nut would see a story on CNN or NBC or CBS and think, "Obviously this is the liberal media at work, which is all part of the vast liberal conspiracy to take my beloved guns from me.  The only ones who tell the truth in this world gone mad are Wayne LaPierre and Sean Hannity."

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