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    Way back in the late 1980s, early 1990s, Oregon had to deal with the Oregon Citizens Alliance, its leader Lon Mabon, and his right-hand man Scott Lively (yes, the same Scott Lively currently answering for his sins in Massachusetts).

    Even then, the OCA operated on a shoestring, and finally got run out of the state. But not before running up a string of victories in small towns and sparsely populated counties, designed to fatten their batting average and generate the perception that they were winning. It worked for a while, but the hand-writing was on the wall that theirs was not a long-term business model.

    Now, if Oregon could just repeal the odious Measure 36 that amended the state constitution to "define" marriage. Truly that was the bigots' high water mark, and last stand. The day is coming when the last legal vestiges of their repugnant presence are wiped from the books.

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