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View Diary: More than 40% of Americans are one crisis and less than 90 days from poverty (116 comments)

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  •  I'm one who's only a couple of weeks (4+ / 0-)

    from disaster.  I have, however, paid several debts off completely, and got a loan at a MUCH lower rate to get rid of another.

    My present to myself for paying my car off was to start a savings account, in part to cover car expenses.  It's building up, probably less slowly than it seems.

    In less than three years, I will be out of debt, and having discovered that I can live very comfortably on less than I make, I will be shoveling money toward my retirement once that happens.  My job is in no danger that I can see - I will certainly not lose it in any manner that will preclude unemployment (which I have collected exactly three weeks of in my entire working life).

    Starting this weekend, I will be trying a financial experiment.  If it works, I will be reporting back.

    Strength and dignity are her clothing, she rejoices at the days to come; She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the law of kindness is on her tongue.

    by loggersbrat on Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 04:03:47 PM PST

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