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View Diary: As Gov. Patrick taps replacement for Kerry, PPP finds special election starts off as a tossup (161 comments)

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  •  That's not what happened. (1+ / 0-)
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    Sorry, I don't usually jump all over people, but this does not at all explain what happened in 2010.  None of the factors you mention were relevant.

    Martha Coakley was simply a terrible candidate who ran a terrible campaign, barely actually campaigning at all.  It was a special off-year election with nothing else on the ballot to spur voter turnout.   So Democratic turnout was terrible.

    Brown didn't win  - we lost by nominating Coakley, who should be banned by the Demcoratic Party from ever running for any office ever again.

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      The horrible campaign run by Coakley was by the far biggest factor in Brown's win. But I think the others did contribute.

      •  Not just Coakley (1+ / 0-)
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        Yes, she ran a terrible campaign, but she has been a great AG for Massachusetts.  She should keep running for that seat as long as she wants it.

        Coakley never really got the full support of the state party - most of them wanted Mike Capuano and sat on their hands.  It still boggles my mind that with a 60 vote supermajority on the line, the DNC and DSCC didn't pay attention to the race until 2 weeks before the election.  They figured MA would never put a republican in Ted Kennedy's seat.  They learned the hard way not to take MA for granted.

        One thing that also worked in Brown's favor - weather.  Kennedy died in late August, after the Tea Party spent all summer shouting down Obama's healthcare plan.  The special election was held in January, it was gawd-awful cold, and the teahadists were approaching their zenith.  The timing of this special election is much better, with the primary April 30 and the election in June.  

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        by MKDanaher on Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 02:39:48 PM PST

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      •  The factors you cite (0+ / 0-)

        may explain why wealthy Repbulicans nationwide supported Brown, if that's what you're saying.  But this is an overwhelmingly Democratiic state.  All we had to do was run a decent candiate who would inspire the masses to turn out and vote for a worthy successor to Ted Kennedy.

        I'm fairly sure the Coakley campaign didn't even print bumper stickers.  I certainly never saw one.

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