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View Diary: A closer look at DGU numbers (117 comments)

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  •  I suggest you reread what I posted (2+ / 0-)
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    gramofsam1, Sandino

    The only number I saw quoted in the majority opinion was the 2.5 million from Kleck.

    The post you responded to said quite clearly that if no other data was presented, then the opposing council dropped the ball.

    But if the opposing data was presented, but not at all mentioned in the majority opinion, then clearly the judges didn't do a very good job of analysis.

    Trying critiquing what I write instead of what you think I wrote.

    •  Yes, I believe I understand your (0+ / 0-)

      argument and argument structure to which I responded:

      If this, this, this and possibly this, then the Justices sucked.

      And my other principal take-away from your comment was

      I don't know enough about the case ... and only saw Kleck's number mentioned in the majority opinion.
      So I'll stand by my irony assessment about your own methodology... thanks though.

      Dr. Kleck's methodologies, in contrast, have been remarked upon with glowing esteem, by the way. Even from a leading and now deceased criminologist who even effectively called himself an anti-gun nutter.

      •  see above (0+ / 0-)

        not so glowing after all.

        And you continue to misstate my argument regarding the Supreme Court opinion.

        I'll try to be a bit more clear:

        Court heard Kleck's study and either:

        1) opposing council did not refute Kleck's study with Cook and/or Hemenway, 2.5 million ends up in majority opinion.

        Conclusion for 1) opposing council sucked

        2) opposing council did refute Kleck's study with Cook, Hemenway, or just a plan ol' logic check using external validation similar to what's been done in this thread, 2.5 million ends up in majority opinion anyways.

        Conclusion for 2) majority judges have problems with their analytic skills

        If you wish to dispute the validity of 2, have at it. Find a thread where the external validity is under discussion and jump in with any data you have.

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