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  •  In Nov we flew from (4+ / 0-)

    DC to San Diego, on United.  When we got to the gate in DC from an incoming flight, they had already started to load passengers.

    Then they stopped.  It seems as if the pilot(s) in going through their pre-flight check up had found something they didn't like.  Everybody on the 1st plane had to get off, and all had to travel at least 1/2 a mile to another gate where a smaller plane awaited.  They were offering nice bonuses for taking a later flight, but we felt due to our schedule, we couldn't take the bait.

    It was a beautiful clear day, all across the country and a great smooth ride.  Beautiful view of the Grand Canyon.  When I got off the plane in SD I wanted to hug the pilot for insisting he wouldn't fly that first plane.  We heard some talk that he had had to get pretty insistent with some pooh-bahs.  Instead we went out of our way to say 'thank you'.  He looked tired.

    Thanks for the AirBus info - especially the pilots perspective on landing tricks.  

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