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View Diary: Senate witness says women need 'scary-looking' guns to defend themselves (212 comments)

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  •  Hunter's snark never fai- oh wait that was real ? (7+ / 0-)

    Hunter is a brilliant writer. His series on the Romney diaries was awesome. I wish that what he wrote about there was a parody. Unfortunately, it is not.

    When is it going to end ? In this area, I have tried to sound a somewhat modulated response. God alone knows why . A very tempered response would include, in my judgment, background checks for all weapons, no magazines including more than ten rounds, and no military style assault weapons being sold.

    The opposition to these modest, very modest proposals, by the vast majority of seconders, while gun related crimes and gun related deaths continue to mount, leads us to stronger proposals. For, if we are going to face the same resistance to even modest proposals, why not go ahead and do the job right? The main reason for only going with modest proposals is to win over some of the resistance movement, but if that cannot be accomplished, then we might as well go after this heavily.

    One way or another, we will have gun control. Gun massacres will continue to occur and gun deaths will continue to mount. The public will not accept this indefinitely. Neither will most voters. And demographic changes makes this inevitable.

    A word of caution for our seconders - you can get on board now and preserve more of your views - or you can fight it and eventually lose big.

    your choice.

    Those are just the numbers.
    60% of the public favors an assault weapons ban.
    Only a third of US households possess a firearm.

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