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View Diary: The 51 Busiest Train Stations in the World– All but 6 Located in Japan (19 comments)

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  •  And just think (6+ / 0-)

    If we had bother to invest in high speed rail the way the French and Japanese have, we could have had a modern, sophisticated rail system that people actually ride. Instead we're stuck with Amtrak's...well, if you've riden Amtrak, you know what i mean.

    •  We do actually have a bit more ground to cover. (5+ / 0-)

      Japan's about the same geographic size as California. But a real rail system would be nice.

      It was actually faster to get from Tokyo to Misawa by train than flying. It took almost as long to get to Narita airport as it did to get to northern Honshu.

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      •  Right, we could never have a nationwide system (5+ / 0-)

        It's literally too much ground to cover across too many jurisdictions. But theres no reason why we shouldn't have invested in regional systems. Our rail system now is slow, doesn't go anywhere, and is no faster or cheaper than other modes of transportation.

      •  But... (7+ / 0-)

        There is enough density to cover pretty much the whole East Coast and the Great Lakes and beyond in one system.  A second system connects the West Coast to places like Phoenix and Las Vegas.  Then more localized runs (Denver/Front Range, the eastern half of Texas, the Gulf Coast and Florida.

        And of course get the Acela up to global standards and extend it all the way to Atlanta down the I85 corridor.  This alone would eliminate a huge amount of air and road traffic.  As it is, the best way to get to DC from NYC is the train; it is faster than driving and soooooo much better than flying.

        •  Hear, hear. The Acela is a GREAT solution (1+ / 0-)
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          but sadly, is limited to the Northeast Corridor.

          Would be great to have similar service on the west coast, and perhaps some day we will wise up and offer some reasonable transcontinental alternative to flying.

          I know you can't train across the nation in 6 hours, but still... I'd bet there is a lot of untapped tourism potential if we had trains that ran fast(er) and were somewhat affordable.

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