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  •  no, the owners and operators of these (0+ / 0-)

    usually don't get caught.

    Now the police arrive and nobody runs because they know they will get out soon and as they only work there aren't going to be costing the taxpayers much. Day laborers, migrants, imports from Florida all at one 50 person arrest, none local. And no BigShots.
        Meanwhile many sheriffs, much equipment, messy cleanup, jail costs, little money available unless the grower screwed up and was found with cash. And then the guns are a possibility, the growers actively  defend against invasions, always  maybe a problem for the popo. In short, it's a costly losing hand the locals have, only when they confiscate cash can it 'pay'.

    Meanwhile the owner operator is somewhere else, possibly even tipped off, it's a corrupting influence all over, especially in generally impoverished norcal.

    This poor bastid that got caught by the feds is a show trial, the feds have busted very few of the enormous grows that are already doubling, they are bragging about it at places in public, in online forums in south humboldt county.

    The Feds are harassing the easy to find medical mj coops and attacking Mendocino's legal grow effort, and little else.

    And they haven't really attacked the backwoods grows for years.  A few for show, but with so ,many obvious ones it's, well, obvious to the locals.
       The Feds have stopped funding local police agencies who are now responding by making easier grow house busts and traffic stops.

    At this time of the year they have found cash in 6 figures more than a couple of times, the harvest is in, and Humboldt product is going nationwide, and getting caught sometimes.
       They can confiscate and usually get to keep the cash to share with and help fund the DA's office as well. Hum's DA share in 2011 was $500,000 iirc.

    One source for online info up there is Lost Coast Outpost. There are several others but that's a good start  No, this is a show trial, the fed atty's are career minded, not people minded.

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Fri Feb 01, 2013 at 01:03:10 AM PST

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