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View Diary: Newtown Children to Sing at Super Bowl (76 comments)

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  •  Well, we obviously mourn differently (0+ / 0-)

    I obviously don't know anything about the specific 26 children chosen to represent the 26 children who died, but that's a heavy load to put on a kid unless you are certain they aren't suffering from survivor's guilt or PTSD themselves.  

    This is not singing in the choir at the local cathedral.  It's an event totally out of context with the tragedy and I'd have no clue how a small child would process linking the two events or how it might impact them in the future remembering the two events.  Since I would have no clue if it was a good idea, if it were my kid, the kid would not go.  So I find it disturbing.  

    However, I don't know how these kids are being prepared for the event, counseled, sheltered, etc. so what disturbs me might have been considered in the planning.  

    But I still find it creepy and I would not enjoy the entertainment and since they are selling entertainment that is what this is to the networks.  

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