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  •  2012 Joe Heck vs John Oceguera (3+ / 0-)
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    It felt like we could win. Even before this:

    President Bill Clinton endorsed Nevada Assembly Speaker John Oceguera today, in his bid to become the next Congressman from Nevada’s Third Congressional District.
    See, here's the thing: We had a good candidate in 2012 for this Nevada 3rd. John Oceguera.

    Endorsed by Bill Clinton. A record in Carson City to run on. Former Fireman turned chief.

    I say good not great because he came with a little baggage and no name.

    The problem was... nobody knew who he was, and he didn't have a lot of money to define himself. He was hardly a household name, and the only thing people did know was... he was "an outsider". Not. From. Here. Carson City and North Las Vegas isn't Henderson or the other burbs.

    What I have learned living in Nevada is that Nevada is a place where the vast majority of people came here from someplace else living amongst a goodly amount of local born-and-bred people who will never consider those who weren't born here true Nevadans.

    The majority of his work, private and public, was done in places many locals consider outside of the district, either in North Las Vegas or up in Carson City. Nearby doesn't count. (Many Clark County residents, especially those outside of Vegas in the Henderson area, resent people from up north in Reno and Northern Nevada-centric pols and politics in general, don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Many Henderson residents resent Vegas and North Las Vegas eating up a lot of the oxygen in the room when it comes to local issues.) He had to define himself to the public with small bucks and retail politics (and get over people's reaction that he wasn't really from this part of the state) while the air was filled with bullshit about how he was this huge horrible person who hated the middle class and working people and blah-blah-blah.

    The anti case was pure weaksauce or provincal bullshit.

    In a fair fight, both men having to fight by the same rules with the same weapons at their disposal, John Oceguera would have been able to get over any provincial prejudices and make a real case for himself, and demolish Heck's lackluster record of nothingsauce and fail. I think he'd have been Congressman John Oceguera right now, because Joe Heck is a mediocre piece of shit who can barely fake being a semi-Teahadi. But, we don't have a fair fight these days.

    He got his ass kicked not because he couldn't have won, or was a bad candidate, but largely because he was drowned in a sea of Citizen's United bullshit. The public didn't know him, so, the Koch Brothers/Karl Rove crowd, with an assist from the RW stooges Las Vegas Review Journal Op/Ed board, did.

    The Nevada 3rd is not some gerrymandered Teahadi district. John Oceguera simply got torched by big money.

    If it takes SuperPACs to fix this, or to at least give us a fighting chance, I'll take it. I still think 2014 might be tough though. You have to look at information beyond "Obama won here".

    I think one of the biggest reasons that John Oceguera ended up running for the 3rd is that we don't really have a killer bench of Nevada Democrats around here.
    Henderson's Mayor is probably the biggest name, and his name is "who?" to most Henderson residents and he is running for re-election as Mayor.

    I've learned the hard way over the years that Nevada has a lot of Florida in it in that it's a state full of Democrats that will put bad Republicans out of step with them into some pretty powerful places. Harry Reid would be gone right now if Sue Lowden had been the 2010 GOP nominee.

    So, technically, whoever runs in 2014 is not likely to be a big name. Henderson's mayor Who? calls himself a Democrat, but he's one of those Democrats you don't know is a Democrat until you hear it from the local news and go "hey, I didn't know he was a Dem." And I think he likes being Mayor Who? more than anything. I don't know if an underfunded post-partisan Angus King type will beat a Joe Heck. The biggest name I can think of is... a guy whose name is hard to think of off the top of your head.


    I am from the Elizabeth Warren and Darcy Burner wing of the Democratic Party

    by LeftHandedMan on Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 08:00:09 PM PST

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