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View Diary: Rape + Guns = Freedom. Or something. This image popped up on my facebook today. (138 comments)

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  •  There's the other conservative take on rape... (4+ / 0-)
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    That men are far more at risk than women. Oh, not of rape itself, but the false accusation of rape.

    You see, men (as conservatives tell it) are seldom rapists. What happens is that women consent to sex, have a wonderful time, then regret it and cry rape. This is where the "legitimate rape" idea comes from.

    Further, conservative men seem to believe that, whether a woman is forced or not, if he's enough of a "real man" she will enjoy the rape and so he's doing her a favor. And thus, it's not rape, no matter what he did.

    As an example, this comment from a Huffington Post story on a California rape trial:

    "...she said he said. sounds like they both had a good time till the husban found out about it."
    The comments were full of responses like that.

    Too many men seem to think that any act that results in sex is a conquest, even when she says no, or is incapable of informed consent, drugged or passed out, for example. See the recent case of the 16 year old girl who drank too much and was dragged from party to party, unconscious to be multiply raped.

    When you read the comments to all of these stories there's the constant thread that it's not rape if she didn't fight, if she "liked it," if he's enough of a "real man."

    Male conservatives have a huge list of "rules" for rape that makes it not rape.

    The idea that one implication of a yes at any point, even if mistaken, overrules any number of expressly stated "No's" that might follow. That he has a "right" to sex if she said yes, ever. Or he even thought she said yes.

    "There's no, no on your lips, but yes, yes in your eyes." This is, apparently, the conservative idea of romance.

    That if "she gets him hot" she is required to get him off or she's a bitch. That once she's naked or he's aroused she is committed and can't ever back out.

    It's always about his "right" to sex and her inability to refuse if she breaks any of the byzantine rules of "consent."

    I once asked a conservative in one of these threads why he's so afraid of a false rape accusation? If he's a conservative, he's a virgin until marriage, then never has sex with anyone but his wife, ever. Where would the false rape accusation ever come from? He, of course, didn't answer.

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