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View Diary: Rape + Guns = Freedom. Or something. This image popped up on my facebook today. (138 comments)

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     First off, how a woman defends herself against rape is her business not yours.  You don't own her, you don't get to make her personal security decisions for her.  Or for anyone other than yourself for that matter.
      And are you so retarded that you can't understand that the author of the poster is simply making the point that some ladies may prefer to protect themselves against rapists with scary guns rather than whatever method you, in your infinite wisdom, have decided is appropriate for them?  I can't believe you are that big an imbecile, but it shows nowhere in the article.
      Second, please write to every government official in the country and explain to them which guns they are allowed to steal from innocent people and which ones they can't.  That will settle the matter and no one will ever need to worry that some geniuses like you will attempt to make them criminals because they own sidearms.
      Third, you see a scary looking black bag, not the contents, and suddenly it's full of Glocks???  And what if it is?  They're hers not yours and therefore none of your business.  Or is it a guilty conscience?  Are you worried she might put you in the cross hairs of that big scary gun because of your smarmy, disrespectful "skinny peroxide blonde" remark?
      Your understanding is that women want blah blah blah.  WTF???  Did something go down on winter solstice 2012 and suddenly all women speak with one voice, and you are here to enlighten us all to tell us what they all say?
      You're worried that those ladies might decide to something you oppose in order to protect themselves against rape.  If you really cared you'd quit lumping them all together in your pre-conceived box and respect each one of them as her own person, with her own desires and abilities and her own choice about her own personal security.  Help her or get out of the way instead of trying to force your choices on her.  Force is what rapists do.  You're not a rapist are you?

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