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  •  I don't know the answers to your questions (9+ / 0-)

    especially when it comes to religious beliefs, but maybe I can help a little.

    I always try to be an optimist, and sure, there have been many, many bad things that have happened in my life - too many deaths of loved ones for example - but I've always tried to overcome and carry on and strive for happiness and light.

    Many years ago, I read the "Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale.
    I knew nothing about the book or the man and bought the book on a whim from a clearance rack at a book store.
    That book changed my life.

    Norman Vincent Peale was a minister, and I can't say if I would've bought that book had I known it.
    But he took the life of Jesus and compared our daily struggles to the struggles of Christ.
    It just made sense to me.
    The things Dr. Peale addressed were all common sayings that we've all heard our entire lives and he explained the truth to those sayings.

    Such as - misery loves company, so his advice was to avoid miserable people because they will only make you miserable.

    Or notice how people, usually not always, greet dogs and he explained that dogs are usually, not always, very happy and excited to meet people and that we should imitate that behavior by smiling and being friendly to people we meet or see everyday.

    He spoke about forgiving yourself, because if you can't forgive yourself then how could other people forgive?

    He talked about guilt and losing sleep and worrying about what other people might think about us, and he explained that people generally think mainly about themselves, so your worry is unfounded and unnecessary.

    He talked about God and Christ wanting us to be happy and that we all deserve to be happy in life.

    I can't explain it all but if you haven't read that book, maybe it could help you, too.

    Good luck.

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