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View Diary: First-time claims for unemployment benefits rises steeply after steeply dropping last week. (23 comments)

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  •  That depends on who's asking, eh? (1+ / 0-)
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    a gilas girl

    The pubic can simply use these metrics as a barometer of how things are going, without overreacting, without undue optimism, and IMO with a demands for a response that sits well with the picture.

    Those who are responsible for actual actions changing the US economy (e.g., WH, Treasury, Federal Reserve,  Governors on a state level) are supposed to be ahead of such metrics and, in a rational world, would be expected to respond today to these numbers with respect to their action plans and what changes are underway, or that a discerning participatory press and public would demand, that predicts positive changes.

    It could take a demanding public to even just maintain the predicted long (10-15 years) hard slog, given no federal infrastructure investments are planned.

    I could be wrong but I hear no action plan regarding jobs from DC or in my state, Sacramento. On the one hand this data is not unexpected,  but that still a problem IMO.

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