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  •  That would be "sine wave," not "sinus wave" (6+ / 0-)

    ... or are you talking about hay fever?

    •  I think they meant 'sinusoidal wave'. (2+ / 0-)
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      mungley, JBL55

      I've heard it referred to as a 'sinus wave' but that's not right. And a 'sinus rhythm' is what your heart does and most definitely has sharp changes in it.

      What's wrong with America? I'll tell you. Everything Romney said was pre-chewed wads of cud from Republicans from the last 30 years and yet he managed thru a combination of racism and selling the (false) hope of riches to get 47% of the national vote.

      by ontheleftcoast on Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 12:19:52 PM PST

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    •  I've heard this quite a lot. (3+ / 0-)
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      mungley, genocideisnews, JBL55

      It used to frustrate me, until I realized that "sine" is an abbreviation of "sinusoidal", and one can just as easily abbreviate it as "sinus".  I gain further respect from these teachers choice when I realized I would never confuse them talking about the "sign" of a number with it's sin.

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