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    That is an argument from authority, attempting to justify why the individual putting forth a given set of rights is doing so. People will still disagree on exactly which rights are inherent and which rights are not. It's semantic hand waving, and means nothing.

    When I say rights derive from society, I am not talking about the abstract concept of rights. I am talking about the physical set of behaviors the embody the enactment and protection of rights. If they are protected through meaningful actions, they exist. If not they do not exist. All your arguing amounts to whining into the wind unless your society does something successful to protect them.

    If a dictator deprives you of something you or others consider to be rights, what then? Do you have the power to hold that dictator to account? If so, then rights exist. If not, then for all practical purposes the rights do not exist except as a concept, something to be wished for. You do not generally wish for things you have in any real sense.

    There is no set of ideal rights, only what is agreed to. I know that sounds harsh, but it is simply the reality we live in. The universe doesn't care for your rationalization. The hurricane, avalanche and fire respects no rights, they respect only actions taken to mitigate their effects.

    People who would derive you of rights are the same way: they do not care for your arguments. It all comes down to what you and your fellow citizens actively choose to protect. And there are much better arguments for a given set of rights than "because Nature, or God, or Plato's Ghost said so." The most obvious argument for any decent set of rights being simple self interest. People agree to them not because they are natural or God given, but because they consider the bargain inherent in those rights to be beneficial.

    I don't murder you, you don't murder me. I don't uphold that right because God or Nature tells me to, I uphold it because I do not want to be murdered.

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